• The Wedding Present


Having called a temporary halt to The Wedding Present in 1997, David Gedge embarked on a duo project with his then girlfriend Sally Murrell that was soon to adopt the name Cinerama, releasing their debut album, VA VA VOOM, in 1998. Cinerama was to become the primary creative output for David Gedge’s writing, recording and performing, but, by 2002’s TORINO, the melodic Cinerama sound was becoming darker in tone and, stylistically, more guitar driven. They had also taken to mixing the odd Wedding Present song into the live shows. Gedge’s personal life then entered a darker place itself following the break up with long time girlfriend Sally. He moved to Seattle and began writing a series of songs that appear to be influenced by his despair over the split. The resultant album, which was recorded in Chicago and Seattle by Steve Fisk [who also produced WATUSI, The Wedding Present’s 1994 LP for Island Records] is scheduled for released on St. Valentine’s Day 2005, and will see Gedge revive The Wedding Present name for the first album since 1996’s SATURNALIA. Titled TAKE FOUNTAIN.

After almost an eight-year hiatus, The Wedding Present will also be touring through the UK, Europe and North America in the wake of the album’s release with the line up of David Gedge, Terry de Castro, bass, Kari Paavola, drums and guitarist Simon Cleave, a member of the previous Wedding Present line up. See below for a list of tour dates. For Gedge it will be full circle, almost 20 years since he started out with The Wedding Present, a band which has remained true to itself albeit without ever taking or acknowledging the full credit and recognition it deserves as one of the UK’s most influential and successful indie pop bands for a decade onwards from the mid-eighties. TAKE FOUNTAIN is a body of songs so heartfelt it’s impossible not to be moved by them and an album that is the equal, if not surpassing, anything The Wedding Present has previously recorded and released.

“The boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the Rock ‘n’ Roll era. You may dispute this, but I’m right and you’re wrong!” John Peel.

Live 1987

Double Album , 2 CD
Tal-036 — 2007

    This is the first official ‘live’ release by The Wedding Present and features live versions of ten songs from their classic debut album “George Best”.

    The two-disc set comes with sleeve notes written by The Wedding Present’s original drummer, Shaun Charman, who was the main archivist at the time and recorded the original live tapes for the band.

    • Live 1987
    • Double Album , 2 CD
    • Tal-036 — 2007