Will Stratton

Will Stratton (b. 1987) is an American songwriter, guitarist, and arranger. He takes his surname from his great grandfather George Stratton, who was a traveling preacher in Kentucky, in the tradition of the "circuit riders." Circuit riders were Methodist preachers who rode their routes on horseback, holding services in a different town each day of the week. George’s daughter Louise was Will’s maternal grandmother, and Louise, or "Honey," as Will knew her, bought Will a piano when he was four years old, and made him sit down and practice every day. Will never really found religion, at least not in a concrete sense, but music took its place early on and never let go.

Over the course of five full-length albums, several online-only releases and national attention from outlets like NPR, Stratton has strived to impart a balance between the eloquent lyrical perspectives festooning his music, and his ever-evolving approach to multi-tiered folk.