Eko and Vinda Folio

Eko and Vinda Folio is a musical project created in 2012, Tbilisi, Georgia. Duo of Vocals (ErekleDeisadze) and a Guitar (TemoEzugbaia) is not the only project of musicians. ErekleDeisadze is a solo artist as well, while Vinda is a guitar player for a Georgian electro-pop band Kung Fu Junkie.

Similar outlook and a vision for contemporary music lead to current collaboration which mainly meditates on melodic post-punk, electro-pop and influence of 90s MTV hits from childhood. Apart from musical exchange, two artists teamed up based on their mutual interest and intense views on social and cultural issues within society. The first and foremost aim was to declare them loudly and deliver important messages to masses. This is why song lyrics in the project always have importance and extra attention. This is why their songs are written only in Georgian.

The project tries not to limit itself within a particular genre. Again the message finds its own form in the process. Melodic tunes and diverse sound is a priority.

When you sing and create a verse in your own language you are as honest as human can be. As if you directly sing for those who you love and who’s existence is important to you. Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing someone important for you hears and feels you. Maybe this is what can be called "a magic of understanding"