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Will Stratton new album "Gray Lodge Wisdom"

Will Stratton new album "Gray Wisdom" available

Striking the right tone is important for Will Stratton. Over the course of five full-lenght albums, several online-only releases and national attention from outlets like NPR, Stratton has strived to impact a balance between the eloquent lyrical perspectives festooning his music, and his ever-evolving approach to multi-tiered folk. So when his new LP, ’Gray Lodge Wisdom’, was written and recorded while Stratton underwent a year of chemotherapy, several extensive surgeries, and other treatment stemming from a diagnosis of late-stage testicular cancer in 2012, Stratton is understandably conflicted about the way his new record might come across.

"I hope that this doesn’t come across as a Record About Cancer, because it’s not", explains Will. "I think that it informed the process and the sound of the record more than it affected the content of some of the songs. I think this is the most happy or positive record I’ve ever made. It’s really about the ineffable clarity that comes from the luxury of being a survivor, more than it is about my illness itself".

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