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Rachael Dadd ’We Resonate’

Rachael Dadd "We Resonate" (CD & LP+mp3), available from our webstore

Two years in the making, "We Resonate" (out sept. 22nd) is without a doubt Rachael Dadd’s strongest and most impacting body of work, and by far her most collaborative, to date. It is an uplifting celebration of life.

Carving out a niche of its own and crossing genres from folk, through pop and experimental, "We Resonate" pulses with poly-rhythms on prepared piano, homemade xylophone, voice, clarinets, typewriter, boxes of matches, steel drum, tap-dancing, clapping and even the heartbeat of Rachel’s baby in the womb. Her love of African field-recordings and the spirit embodied within them, has seeped into into the diverse mix of influences, along with Steve Reich, Tune Yards, and the japanese underground / improv scene.

Rachael Dadd "We Resonate" 1. Make A Sentence 2. Strike Our Scythes 3. What Have You Made 4. I Am Your Home 5. Our Arms 6. Animal Mineral 7. Bounce The Ball 8. Wake It 9. Three 10. Tap The Sap 11. Come Together 12. Let Is Rise