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MICAH P. HINSON plays "The Gospel of Progress", french tour

Micah P. Hinson will play a couple of shows in France in march 2016 to celebrate the re-issue of his debut "The Gospel Of Progress".
Micah P. Hinson will be back in Europe in march and to celebrate the re-issue on Talitres of "The Gospel of Progress", he will perform his debut album in its entirety plus a mass of songs that were collected into his eight LPs, EPs, and Singles.

19/03: AMIENS - La Lune des Pirates
20/03: LORIENT (Port St Louis) - Chapelle St Pierre
21/03: ROUEN - Le Kalif
22/03: RENNES - Maison des Associations
23/03: SARE - Ihartzeartea
24/03: BORDEAUX - Le Rocher Palmer
25/03: PARIS - Le Petit Bain
26/03: COLMAR - Le Grillen
27/03: LILLE - L’Aéronef

Micah P. Hinson & The Gospel of Progress

"A decade on, the Texan’s debut still has the power to freeze your heart and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up" The Sunday Times