Kim Novak

The band Kim Novak, made up of 4 members (Jérémie, Ugo, Cyrill and Hairday), from France have been playing together since 2005.

Inspired by diverse influences such as indie, with sounds ranging from Interpol to the Tindersticks and from Radiohead to the Talking Heads), as well as soul music and classic rock: Kim Novak not only sounds like energetic rock but carries an almost haunting melody. Their music is not driven by any one instrument and each song has it own sound and style, which produce a melodic, groovy and electric tracklist.

Through positive blog reviews like the New York’s blog « Ear Farm » and their opening night off show of the French Festival « La Route du Rock » in St Malo last year, the band has managed to increase their notoriety and spread their energetic sound. In France this has allowed them to reach the « Printemps de Bourges » short listing in October 2005.

The band has been offered to open for the bands: dEUS, Venus and iLiKETRAiNS, as well as a spot in the electronic music festival “Nordik Impact”. The notoriety of Kim Novak has been augmented by using the social network MySpace, where they received over 50 000 hits in six months.

The following year, Kim Novak signed with Talitres records and under the tutelage of the french producer François Chevallier with the contribution of Markus Dravs (who had worked previously with Brian Eno, Björk or more recently Arcade Fire) recorded their debut album ‘Luck & Accident’ in december 2006.

With the debut album, they gained overall excellent media coverage from the French national press, which talked about the mature and melodic quality to ‘Luck and Accident’. Rolling Stone and Les Inrockuptible magazine congratulated the band on their innovative approach in the production of french rock (« Kim Novak uncomplicates french rock for the better. »), Radio stations have also largely contributed to cementing a fan base by playing Kim Novak tracks at the top of their playlists and to come play live (France Inter).